Case Studies

Coalition Building

The Alliance for Clean Energy Solutions (ACES), co-chaired by the North East Clean Energy Council and the Acadia Center is a group of environmental, health and business organizations that were looking to start a coalition to ensure that clean energy priorities were reflected in the Massachusetts Energy Procurement Bill. Cabot was hired to develop and implement a strategic communications campaign including, naming convention, messaging, brand, website and media relations including op-eds, press releases, ed-board briefing, social and digital media strategies. The ability to coalesce a disparate array of voices had a powerful effect resulting in tremendous success including 1600 MW of off shore wind and the inclusion of class 1 renewables in the states procurement.

Community Engagement

 NRG’s EVgo installs electric vehicle charging infrastructure in cities throughout the US. EVgo was looking for a marketing strategy to go beyond their existing earned and social media programs. EVgo had several objectives: Creating an customer engagement mechanism; building goodwill with municipal officials to help mitigate permitting delays; educating urban customers about the benefits of EVs; and enhancing the company’s brand as a community partner and a valued corporate citizen. To accomplish these goals, Cabot Strategies designed Wellness Wheels. The program was built upon the observation that lower-income urban residents had a difficult time getting to medical appointments and disproportionately suffered form the health effects of air emissions from  vehicles. The program donates electric vehicle leases (and charging stations) to Neighborhood Health Clinics to provide better transportation options and educate residents about the benefits of EVs. A program pilot is currently underway in San Francisco and has been operating successfully for over a year.

Stakeholder Engagement

Veolia Energy North America owns and operates district energy and CHP plants throughout the US. Although well understood in Europe, they are less well accepted in the US. In particular, Veolia was struggling to build relationships in the real estate industry. To solve this problem, we designed a thought-leadership forum focused on Urban Sustainable Development. This was a small (20-30) VIP event headlined by regulators that were important to real estate developers. Cabot designed the agenda, recruited participants and facilitated the meeting. The forum allowed Veolia to build relationships in a neutral setting with the implied imprimatur of an important government regulator from which Veolia was able to develop new customer accounts and accelerate their stakeholder engagement. 

Growing a Business for Succesful Exit

Mascoma was looking to enhance its brand in order to attract strategic investors, build good-will with government regulators and position the company for exit. Through a series of innovative market tactics ranging from VIP plant tours to media solons to leveraging public affairs opportunities, we helped Mascoma become the premiere cellulosic ethanol company in the US, attracting investors such as GM, Marathon Oil and Valero and securing substantial grants and business development support from both Federal and State governments. Ultimately, Mascoma made a successful exit to Lallemand.

Building a Multi-Billion Dollar Company

First Wind was a long-term client focused on building wind projects in hard to site, high margin markets in the Northeast, Western US and Hawaii. Resistance to wind projects quickly became organized in the Northeast and threatened to slow down policy initiatives and project permitting. Through a carefully crafted campaign designed to show economic impact and environmental benefits, we established FirstWind as the premiere independent wind developer in the US and helped to pass critical legislation in Massachusetts such as the Global Warming Solutions Act and the Green Communities act that enabled the company to take advantage of valuable RECS and long-term contracts. Eventually First Wind’s strong record of developing projects on time was a successful part of the story in its $2.5B acquisition by SunEdison.

Creating a Corporate Brand

Covanta is the leading Waste to Energy company in the US. Cabot was hired to rebrand the company and run a national communications campaign on the benefits of WtE. However, Covanta was also looking for creative ways to enhance its relationships with municipalities (their customers) and build good-will with environmental advocacy organizations. In conjunction with the US Fish & Wildlife Federation, we designed and launched the Fishing for Energy program where Covanta placed collection bins for derelict fishing gear in seaports along the eastern seaboard, creating multiple media opportunities and goodwill with State and Municipal Leaders.