Coalition Management


With our 20 years of experience in energy and environmental issues, Cabot has the ability to convene varied groups, build consensus, and form a coherent voice that can drive policy changes, educate stakeholders and grow awareness for specific issues. 

Media Relations


Media coverage is a critical part of any communications campaign. With a long track record of driving media attention for important meetings, events and announcements, Cabot has the ability to deliver superior media relations results.

Trade Association Communications


Looking to find new members or donors? Have a communications challenge that is beyond your in-house resources or just looking to increase your brand? Let Cabot design a customized communications campaign to achieve your goals.

Digital and Social Media Campaigns


Communications is an increasingly multi-faceted field, requiring an integrated approach that incorporates the latest digital and social media tactics. Cabot will work with you to develop the most effective approach to maximize SEO and leverage the latest social media platforms.

NGO Branding and Recognition Campaigns


Brand development for NGOs and advocacy organizations requires a different approach than traditional business marketing and branding strategies. Cabot has the experience, knowledge and creativity to develop authentic and meaningful engagement and awareness campaigns to to better reach potential members, donors and other key stakeholders.

Advocacy and Issues Management


Advocacy requires education, and Cabot has the ability to design and implement campaigns that will more directly reach critical decision makers. We understand who to target and how to engage them through efficient and effective communications campaigns.